Competition Rules

If you're here, it means you joined one of PLS's many competitions! Congratulations, if you apply to the requirements, your on your way to possibly winning a great prize. Before a prize comes competing, and before competing comes singing up. So go sign up for that competition you've been dying to compete in if you follow these guidelines.

1. You must be a follower.
2. You must fill out the competition application on the competition post, accurately.
3. You must be an active follower, or a new follower. Joining previous comps counts as being active.
4. You can't join if you've won a similar competition in the past. So if you've won a hotbuys poll, you can't join another hotbuys poll. But you can join any other competition you've never won! If you haven't won a competition, but competed, or places lower than first place, you can compete in the same competition as many times as you like, until you win 1st place.

Thanks! Enjoy! (: