Thursday, November 18, 2010

New hairs OUT! + Winter Offer + Adorable Coat :D

First on today's schedule, is the new hairs ;L So there are a few adorable ones, and then an average one, a few ok ones, and some plain ugly ones. There are more than there were in the spoilers! I just wish stardoll would release the lips from the hair ads as well, maybe I'll mail them. All the hairs that were released are pictured below.

I like the ponytail on the top row far right, and the ponytail on the middle row, in the middle. Very chic ;L And they remind me of starpoint hairs, Which are your faves?

Okay, so next there's the winter superstar offer! The offer costs $10 (USD), lasts 2 months, comes with 400 stardollars, and 11 "unique" clothing items. You can pay by SMS or credit card, which is nifty. These are the pics of what the mail and payment page look like:

My superstar runs out in 10 or so days, so I'll take this offer up most definitely! :D

And lastly, I just wanted to point out a totally fashionable, and well made coat from the starplaza. If you can identify the brand, mail me, and I'll figure out a reward of some sort(:

This is a picture of it:

Full Wool Coat, Bisou, 15 stardollars, superstar.

As soon as I can rack up 15 stardollars, I'm buying.

What about you? Do you like it? Will you buy it?

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