Saturday, November 27, 2010

Lipstick Magazine Review

Lipstick Magazine was released! There were two downers though, one was in their Christmas List section they talked about 79 dollars for a pair of tiny stud earrings as "a deal" ;/ The majority of the people on stardoll aren't people who can just splurge that much for even a dress, so please, if any of the Lipstick staff read this, next issue make your features affordable? The second downer, was they copied Different! and Eternity magazine with a risque christmas shoot starring Mel (bluegreen86) in lingerie. Originality is key! Don't copy other magazines!

Other than that, the magazine was a pleasure to read, with fabulous graphics, interesting articles, and a fun tone from the writers' view. The fashion shoots are scrumptious! Go read this beauty pronto, it's worth your time. A little catch at the end of the magazine was a page that read "Even more of our christmas issue coming soon to you!" Needless to say, I'm EXCITED! Overall, a good read, keep the issues coming Lizs!

Click HERE to go read it!

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