Monday, August 16, 2010

New doll - Tulisa

Very pretty clothing(:
Go check it out!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

New Playlist! ;D

Likey likey? ;D It's four of my favorite artists, 
you'll just have to listen to figure out who they are. 
I'll be posting a lot more soon!

Kisses, Lily <3

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New Tribute Store coming.

A new tribute store called Herve Leger is on it's way to stardoll. Here's a sneak peek!



Stardoll isn't loading on my computer. YIPDEEDOO.
Now I'm stuck juicing the life out of bellasugar's articles (
fiddling around of roiworld, and trying to find a server to connect me to stardoll.
Well lookie here what I found, a bit fishy, eh?

click to enlarge., apparently "works" ;D I really, honestly, don't get it... Just thought I'd show you...
because nothing is really crackalacking on stardoll ;P

Kisses, Lily <3

Monday, August 9, 2010

Stardoll update.

I was looking at some people's profiles, and noticed the "add as friend" button got updated. There are now two ways to add the person you want. And the button is more noticeable.


New Writer(:

I'm a new writer for PLS >:]
I'm Vicky, I own FGS (Fashion and Gossip For Stardoll)
I think this blog will be amazing! ;]
So there are two free items for superstars on the "new" page
Page two a necklace and bracelet. I think its a glitch so Hurry and get it! :]
Oh and if you want to find me I'm x-Imperfect-x on stardoll ^.^

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Amazing Ramadan Spoilers! :D

Aren't they gorgeous?! :D (Sorry for posting like... twice in a row at the same time xD)

Kisses, Lily <3

SFW Spoiler!

I love it! ;D The dress is designed by Mary, and it's for her new brand... seventy one! The model is coconut_nicole! Aaaah can't wait for SFW! (:

Kisses, Lily <3

M by Marcela - Petals

Now the petals are out in stock. There going out pretty fast, so buy them as you can now.


Saturday, August 7, 2010

Style Star: writemarycat

This weeks style star, is writemarycat! Her style is surprising, up-to-date, and constantly getting better! (; In the picture below, you can see her delicate floral sun dress, mixed with summery brights. This look is perfect for transitioning to fall, congratulations Mary! Your our style star! (:


Kisses, Lily <3

Friday, August 6, 2010

New items out(:

The starplaza released a load of new (gorgeous) items(; My favorite is the yellow dress shown below.
It's Dolce and Gabanna, and SO gorgeous,  just had to feature it! :D

Kisses, Lily <3

Super Supreme is out!

Too bad I only have five stardollars... the cats are sooooo adorable(: And compared to others, the cats are good prices, from 33-35 stardollars(; I might sell something just to buy one. Get 'em fast before they sell out! MJ is already taken(;

click to enlarge all(:

Click HERE to go to the store!

Kisses, Lily <3

More spoilers.

Now that the new season of Super Supreme, and the new store Sunny Bunny is out, there's more spoilers. Here's a few. Tell us what you think of them.

Update: There now available in Bisou, and pretty in pink. 


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sunny Bunny and Moxie Teenz Released!

You can find Sunny Bunny under StarBeauty, and Moxie Teenz under fashion(:

Sunny Bunny VS. Moxie Teenz!

Sunny Bunny Stats
Items I really like: 13
Fave item: Blue bear hat
Non-ss items: 12
Graphics quality: 7/10
Overall rating: 9/10

Moxie Teenz Stats
Items I really like: 7
Fave Item: White scrunchy boots
Non-ss items: 1 :/
Graphics quality: 8/10
Overall rating: 7/10

I feel like Sunny Bunny is cuter, and I love the charm necklace idea, and contacts idea. There's so much more variety in the Moxie Teenz clothing, but a lot of the items are either way too expensive or remakes! My stats conclude that the winner is...

Sunny Bunny! 

Kisses, Lily <3

P.S. What do you think of the new feature, stats? Each time two new things come out (stores, clothing, even stardoll features) I'll go through the stats and say which one I like most(:

Spoiler time!

New spoilers are here. There for the store called Super Supreme.  One of them includes Michael Jackson.


New store in stardoll coming soon!

from , it looks like there's a new store coming called: Sunny Bunny.
Personally, I like it. I see there's contacts for your eyes. What do you think about the new store? Too kiddish? I'm hoping it won't be over priced.


Club! (:

UPDATE: Sorry, I removed it from the blog. It was making it hard to add things to the side bar (: You can still search the club on stardoll. It's called, as I said below, PLSD

Click that gorgeous PLS logo over there in the sidebar to be directed to the PLS official blog, called PLSD! (: You MUST be a member of the club and a follower of the blog to compete in competitions. Thank you (;

Kisses, Lily <3

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

New clothes out in shop

UPDATE: Just some extra info, the new styles outfits theme is called Barn Dance (most of the items below are in that theme) and all the items in the Barn Dance theme are Dolce and Gabanna (: -friendofyou

New clothes in shop! Will you be buying them?

New Feature!

Haha sorry for posting twice in one day, but I just noticed this new feature(:
The house with a little chat bubble next to it is suite chat, and invited the person over to your suite, and then the thing that looks like a book takes you to view your suite. I don't know if this is new or old, but I just noticed(:

Kisses, Lily <3

M by Marcela - Roses

Only 3 more days to buy one of these GORGEOUS dresses by .Marcela.. (make sure to include the full stops!) These dresses are versatile, elegant, and so timeless! For the affordable price of 20 stardollars for the base dress, and 16 stardollars for the optional torso, this is a steal! I'd expect these beauties to be at least 50 stardollars a piece (: Thank you .Marcela.. for making it possible to look that good for such a great price! I'm wearing mine with my black and gold DKNY belt, gold chains, and nude shoes. To buy one now click HERE!

Kisses, Lily <3

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Callie.Stardoll as Covergirl?

On August 3rd, 2010 , Callie.Stardoll hit the spotlight by being covergirl once again. People who were running for CG at this time,were devastated when they found out that they haven't won. Do you think it's fair that she won? Or do you think Stardoll Staff shouldn't have the opportunity to be covergirl?

Monday, August 2, 2010

Welcome to PLS! (:

Welcome! ;D There will be plenty more posts to come, 
but I'm starting us off with a little introduction. 
Lemme tell ya a bit about our amazing authors! (:

Lily, 12, USA

Meagan, 12, USA

Whoo! That's us, two American cuties ;D

Kisses, friendofyou <3