Sunday, October 17, 2010


[cred to jillian2525 for second link]


[cred to prettyweirdo for pic]

He's 42 :S


  1. Duh!!
    That's nothing new!

    If you infering he is callie.stardoll, then your dumb, cuz callie.stardoll is ran by a staff of the Stardoll team.

    he just owns stardoll, he doesn't use it.

  2. Anonymous #2: It is new, considering the video was just posted two weeks ago, and it's hidden in a section of the stardoll network's media page. Have you ever seen that video, stat page, or picture? I don't think so. And did I SAY he was Callie? NO. I know Callie.Stardoll is ran my a group of staff. And did I SAY he uses stardoll? NO AGAIN. I said he OWNS it, and this was to all the fucking people who DIDN'T know, so go suck horse balls, fuck a tree, and get a life.

    P.S. Get on your real blogger account.

  3. Dumb cunt, i was talking about stardoll being owned by a man, not bout ur stupid video.

    the smart sd users, unlike you, know stardoll is owned by Mr.Mattias, that's nothing new

    this post was pointless

  4. I guarantee you that at least 3/4 of the people I showed this post to had no clue that SD was owned by a man, so this does have a point.

    I am in fact smart, and I wouldn't consider not knowing the owner was a man dumb, as I have other things to worry about in real life, such as my friends and school work [I'm in CTY, in case your wondering sweets]

    So please, go away. But first tell me your real account, I'm far too curious now. And are you the one rating my posts boring?

  5. it is pointless, cuz who cares if a man ownes stardoll anyways?? apparently you did! for me it was just common in sense sweetie.

    4 ur infomation this is my first (and last) time on this blog. a friend messaged me to take a look at how lame this blog was. i'm glad i'm not the only one who finds this blog boring.

  6. I was surprised - but at least now no one can say this site was designed for 10 year olds ;3
    @anonymous:lol. if you have nothing nice to say, STFU x]

  7. Anonymous;
    Idgaf if two people find this blog boring, I blog because I love to do it, and you can't faze me. I will keep writing, because I have followers, and if you don't like that, don't fuss and leave this blog.

    Who IS your friend?

  8. does a man own stardoll?